It's More than Just Breakfast...



We are currently feeding 100 kids Breakfast before school!

Educational Support

We provide school uniforms, school supplies and tutoring!


Building self sustainable jobs

The Breakfast club chicken coop program

  • Began in 2018

  • Provides self sustainable jobs to the breakfast club families

  • We provide all the materials to build a chicken coop

  • Each family receives 5 chickens

  • The eggs that the chickens lay are purchased back by the breakfast club and are used for the kids breakfast!

  • Provides an opportunity for the families to be a part of feeding their children!


Meet Amarah & His Aunt

When Amarah was a baby his parents passed away, his aunt found him living outside with dogs at the age of two. Due to lack of care, Amarah lost his hearing. His aunt took him in and has been raising him ever since. Amarah comes to The Breakfast Club every morning where he eats a full meal, gets tutoring and spends lots of time playing! Amarah's aunt is the sole provider for 6 kids, and barely makes $20 a month.She had a dream to start her own business but could never come up with the funds to start. She is the first woman we partnered with for the Chicken Coop program! She was so excited she single handily built her coop in a day, before we could even get there to help! She has 10 chickens and plans to add more and grow her new business!

66 million primary school-age children attend class hungry across the developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone,