Our Story


It all started when…

Allysa Bassir was 22 years old when she started The Breakfast Club in 2015. She had been working in northern Ethiopia sharing the Gospel and educating on human trafficking in the rural villages. An Ethiopian friend had told her about starving kids in his town and knowing her heart for kids, asked her to help. just a couple days later 35 kids were being fed! Allysa is currently traveling back and forth from her home in Southern California to Ethiopia working on growing The Breakfast Club in hopes of providing hope for thousands of kids.

Our Mission


It's simple, to provide hope to impoverished children by providing breakfast before school. How can breakfast provide hope? We partner with local schools in northern Ethiopia to give breakfast to kids who were once crying, fainting and failing in class because they hadn't eaten in days. We don't just feed them breakfast, we encourage them, inspire them to dream and most importantly we love them.

The Breakfast Club also provides: 

  •  After school tutoring
  • School supplies
  • Paid medical expenses
  • Family support
  • A safe place to play!