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"Hello! My name is Seth McLaughlin. I'm a senior at Temecula Valley. Why do I want to go to Ethiopia? The answer is simple. When the teacher asks the class "What did you do over winter break?", I want to have the coolest answer. For real though, I believe that immersing myself in different cultures and lifestyles is one of the best ways to become a wiser and more understanding person. In addition, I'd love the opportunity to spend time with these kids and hopefully make a difference. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal! Plus, if you donate to me, email me at and I will write you a personalized limerick. What a deal!!"

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Heyo! My name is Erin Williams, I am a senior at Temecula Valley HS! I have been co-president of the Breakfast Club at my school for three years now, and I am so passionate about the cause. Besides gaining cultural understanding and global experience, I believe that traveling to Ethiopia this December will fulfill my personal passion for the children’s lives and wellbeing and allow me to personally meet those who I’ve been helping for several years. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I hope that I will be able to encourage and love these wonderful kids!


Traveling to Africa is something that I’ve always seen myself doing; I just never knew how or when it was supposed to happen. Once I became involved in the Breakfast Club though, I felt an almost instant connection to the foundation’s purpose, and realized that this was the opportunity I had sought out for so long, which has left me with no other option but to go to Ethiopia! Please support me in this journey that I plan to embark on this upcoming December- I’m beyond excited to reach other parts of the world and to help the impoverished children in Ethiopia who not only need breakfast, but love and compassion from others- Thank you!

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